Compassion Identity is who we are at our most authentic.

Compassion Identity is an awareness--when we are reflective and open--that both our bliss and woundedness allow us to be heroic witnesses to life. Compassion Identity is the source of our capacity to heal not just ourselves but others. This healing flows not from a position of control or dominance but rather from a relationship in a dance rooted in Love, each dancer moving in a dance that is restorative and life-giving; a dance that allows each person to turn and change, always learning, always growing.

​Counseling, Resources & Education
to Support Your Journey of Grief and Loss
Provided by Vince Corso, M.Div., MSW, LCSW-R

compassion identity

I am a licensed clinical social worker in New York and a licensed social worker in New Jersey. In 2013, I founded Compassion Identity as a framework to offer therapy and supportive consultation services to individuals and communities coping with grief.

Grief is a term used for the feelings and behaviors experienced when we are faced with loss of any kind – the death of a friend or relative, the end of a relationship or marriage, the loss of a job or career, the loss of independence resulting from an illness, the death of a beloved pet.

Each instance of grief is unique because every loss is distinctive, a combination of the psychological, social, behavioral, spiritual, and physical reactions. Our work together will explore how the often-difficult journey of grief can be embraced as a pathway to deeper insight, healing and re-engagement with the world around you.

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in right now, I am confident my experience

and knowledge will allow me to act as a witness to and guide on your journey.

I am currently accepting new clients in northern New Jersey and New York City, and am available to offer workshops within the greater New York metropolitan area and Northeast.